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Water under the Bridge: President Mary McAleese

November 10, 2011


When President Mary McAleese took office on the 11th November 1997, she became the Eight-President of the Ireland. I was still in the first couple of weeks of  first year in secondary school in St. Anne’s Community College, Killaloe, Co. Clare.  Bizarrely, some may argue, I do remember that Presidential campaign and its prospective candidates […]

Simon’s Posters – Part Deux

May 19, 2009


Image by Slugger O’Toole via Flickr Looks like other people are concerned by Ms. Simons use of the Gold Harp also, as I was. The Irish Times today are carrying a story which links the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment’s concerns’ and that of Arás an Úchtárán Department raises concern at Libertas use of […]

Death of Justice Kevin Haugh

January 29, 2009


The death has been announced of the Chairman of the Garda Ombudsman, the Rt. Honourable Justice Kevin Haugh. The Irish Times has pieced together a Obitutitiory on the Justice’s life which is available here. The public offices of the Garda Síochana Ombudsman Commission will remain closed all day today (Thursday 29th January 2009). In a […]

Is this what it was all about?

January 29, 2009


This weekend the Iraqi local election will take place.  The handover by US armed forces on the 1st January to Iraqi security personel was signalled as the end of the ‘occupation’ for an ‘unjust war’. ‘Unjust wars’ aside according to an article in todays’ Irish Times, the failure of the Iraqi state to provide services […]

Energy Efficiency for the Office

December 24, 2008


Image via Wikipedia If you’re back in the office on Monday January 5th, it’ll have been eleven days since you’ve sat in front of your PC or laptop, and at least the same length of time since you sent a document to print. So before you go, switch off your PC/laptop, it’s monitor and any […]

Price Freeze on the price of Alcohol!

December 1, 2008


Image via Wikipedia The VFI and the LVA have announced a price-freeze in Pubsale prices for 2009 effective immediately. Will it work? Who knows?But its something I guess.The paper of record reports: Title: Publicans announce year-long price freeze on drink Author: Jason Michael Date: 1st December 2008 Groups representing over 5,500 publicans today announced a year-long […]

Budget 2009

October 14, 2008


Image via Wikipedia Well its that time of year again. *cue dramatic music now*. For those of you on the interweb, interested on where’s what, who lost out, who will gain (if anybody) and how it will affect you, there are a number of sources which will be of benefit. RTE: The State Broadcaster will […]