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Lest we Forget: ‘Futility’ W.Owen

November 13, 2011


Move him into the sun – Gently its touch awoke him once, At home, whispering of fields unsown. Always it woke him, even in France, Until this morning and this snow. If anything might rouse him now The kind old sun will know. Think how it wakes the seeds, – Woke, once, the clays of […]


August 2, 2011


Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so he is. Publilius Syrus

A memory of April 13th 2001

April 13, 2011


On the Friday 13th April 2001, an utterly tumultuous family tragedy came to a conclusion. At 09:45am on that Friday morning, which happened to be Good Friday, we started to overhear rumours that the Garda divers had found what they were looking for in the Shannon. By 10:35am it was confirmed that we had found our […]

Random Algebra Problem #1

March 9, 2011


I got bored so Algebra seems to be the distraction option this evening. X + Y = ((5*4)*5)/2)); and Y = (Z = 2 + X). What does Y equal to? Then using the value of Y, Find the value of X.   Solution: 1. Find Y First; Y = (Z=2+X) To get Y you need to […]

Queerbash 8 – Dolan’s Warehouse, Limerick

March 9, 2011


Many many moons ago, a good friend of mine convinced me to help organise an event in Limerick. It was one of my first “big” events. It was also one of my first “gay” events to help organise and the second of this sequence. I was taking some baby-steps out of a rather well-decorated closet […]

IWD 2011: Happy 100th International Women’s Day

March 8, 2011


Today, March 8th 2011 is International Women’s Day and it is marked around the world. 2011 also marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. This day was commemorated for the first time on 19 March 1911 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, following its establishment during the Socialist International meeting in 1910. More than one […]

Who else but a Bosom Buddy

February 7, 2011


This one is for my friends: Those current; Those near; Those far-away; Those who are no longer with us; and future friends to come. Mame: Bosom Buddies (Lucille Ball & Bea Arthur)