World Aids Day 2011

Posted on December 1, 2011


As ever on the 1st December World AIDS Day is marked globally. More locally in Limerick, the Red Ribbon Project will be marking World Aids Day with the launch of “Visions in Solidarity” at the Hunt Museum, Rutland Street, Limerick from 12:30pm. This will be followed by Remembrance Service in St. Mary’s Cathedral at 2:30pm.

Some of the stats from this years UNAIDS report point to some cause for hope with a 21% decline since peak infection in 1997. Unfortunately it does not change the other stark statistics which exist. Every continent in the world has reported the infection with an additional 2.7 million people acquiring the disease in 2009 alone and 34 million people living with this worldwide; In the UK, some 90,000 people living with the disease in 2010.

In some parts of the world (particularly within Sub-Saharan Africa) between 15-28% of the population are living with HIV. In percentile terms and by way of very loose comparison, Ireland’s unemployment figure today was reported as 14.5% for November 2011.

We all hope for the day of zero infections like the theme in this year’s UNAIDS report. In the interim we remember that HIV affects us all. It is our responsibility to be informed. So get informed today.

International statistics
The number of new HIV infections has declined globally by 21% since the estimated peak of the epidemic in 1997
2.7 million people were newly infected with HIV worldwide in 2009
In some parts of the world (particularly within Sub-Saharan Africa) between 15-28% of the population are living with HIV

People living with HIV globally
34 million people living with HIV worldwide
0.8% HIV adult prevalence worldwide
50% of people living with HIV worldwide are women
1.8 million AIDS-related deaths

New HIV cases around the globe in 2010
2.7 million people diagnosed with HIV
390,000 new HIV infections among children
HIV incidence has fallen in 33 countries, 22 of them in sub-Saharan Africa
All global figures from UNAIDS

Further information:

  • The 2011 United Nations World Aids Day report is available hereFast facts about HIV/AIDS


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